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Annual celebration for Vertex’s

January 17, 2018, is a full month from the traditional Chinese New Year. Thus, the friends of the vetex’s held an annual celebration: the annual meeting!

Vertex’s annual celebration is differ from the last year, today's clothing is the ancient costume, all the participants in Vertex  commercial lighting manufacturers dressed in clothes of different dynasties. Tang song yuan ming and qing dynasties, in order to stage effect we invited professional stage instructor, which make the perfect show personal style.

We chose the Foshan hotel as the venue. The whole year is divided into five parts. First of all, after a year of hard work, we give awards to excellent employees and thank them for their devotion and dedication to the company in the past year. Among them, there are many hard-working and diligent employees, and new employees who are responsible for making more achievements. They are good colleagues who contribute to each department. Like the family, love each other, share the work, and share the joy.

The second part is looking ahead!

Mr.Laurance made a speech on the stage and made a summary of the past year.

Evaluate the detours and errors we have taken, and set goals for the coming year.

One of the most anticipated links, performance.

For this annual meeting, all of our departments have carefully prepared the program. There are dancing and singing,talk show and across talk.

Though it is not as professional as an artist, our employees show their own stage charm!

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