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New product of easy installation Vertex CDL-3A

For some commercial situation,we usually need high lumen spotlights. Let’s see our Vertex home led lighting new product spotlight CDL-3A.

Simple modelling adds fashion sense, white light body has more nordic style feeling. The biggest feature of this spotlight is the convenience of installation.

We use screws to lock the bracket to the ceiling and then lock the spotlight onto the bracket.

The entire installation process is not more than one minute.It is important to know that in foreign countries, it is not a small expense to hire a professional master, which wastes resources in both economy and time.Today, countries around the world advocate the concept of environmental protection, we should cherish not only natural resources, but also human resources and time costs.

Coffee shops, clothing stores and other recreational public places all are good options for installing the spotlights.

For easy installation, please refer to the following figure:


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